Natural News  has long been a favorite of mine…until this morning when I saw they had taken on an ad from Cenegenics.

Cenegencis is an outfit from Vegas (first red flag) that claims their concoction of pills can turn back time. They run ads with photos that they claim are un-doctored. They charged thousands of dollars for their potions and then lean heavily on you to re-order.

Never trusted them, never will. Disappointed to see that Natural News took on their advertisement.

The only secret to weight loss is:  Get your hand out of the cookie jar and get your ass off of the couch.

What’s My Secret?

Posted: 13th April 2011 by Ray Salomone in Diet, Exercise

I have no secret! Every morning i get up and exercise. Through the day I eat small,healthy meals. No mystery, no tricks.

Joint Pain

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Article in 12 April Wall Street Journal by Laura Landro says new advice is to work through joint pain. This isn’t new! I’ve been telling my clients to do this for 25 years! The medical establishment is big on shutdowns. If it aches, shut it down. This is often BAD advice. I say if it aches, make it stronger so it stops aching.

Ray Salomone  The Most In Demand Personal Trainer in the World

Bagels with Cream Cheese in the Cardiologists Office!

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A client was in a waiting room of his cardiologist, ready to be called for his scheduled stress test (Which he aced!). Next to him was a fat woman who was also there to have her heart checked. As she waited, she devoured two bagels stuffed with cream cheese!

As I often say, if an adult wants to gorge themselves to an early death, knock yourself out, but if they have any contact or influence with children, then you are committing child abuse!

Fasting Friday!

Posted: 8th April 2011 by Ray Salomone in Diet
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I love Fridays but not for the same reason most do. After breakfast, I eat nothing and drink only water for 24 hours. I suggest you do the same! When you feel hungry or cranky, drink water!

Clean the system, dislodge toxins!

Over 5,000 people around the world are using my system of Meatless Mondays, Raw Food Wednesdays and Fasting Fridays!

Stupid Things Trainers Say

Posted: 7th April 2011 by Ray Salomone in Exercise
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I was in an ultra exclusive gym this morning. Every trainer at least $150 an hour, every client at least a millionaire. A trainer is dropping a 14 pound medicine ball on the stomach of his client. Unless you are prepping to fight Mickey Ward, this is a very stupid idea. But it actually gets worse.  Here’s what the trainer tells his client:

“Dropping the ball on your stomach will break up your stomach fat!”  The client, who is one of the most high powered lawyers in the city, swallowed this line like a cod  fish eats a clam.

I’m also asked this often. The answer: I have no secret. And neither does anyone else when it comes to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

EAT LESS, EXERCISE MORE. Or…get your hand out of the bag of chips and get your ass off the couch.

Ray Salomone-Personal Trainer to the Masters of The Universe

Yesterday I was doing push ups in Central Park and a French tourist walks up and asks me this question. The answer is that most of us are lazy and look for easy solutions. Americans are fat and it’s disgusting. Eat less, move more!

Meatless Monday!!

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A great way to start a great week. Meatless Mondays helps your systems stay clean and running smoothly. Plan ahead, bring fresh fruits and vegetables with you and snack all day long. Wake up tomorrow feeling light and energetic!

Self-Sabotage and Fear of Success

Posted: 3rd April 2011 by Ray Salomone in Diet, Exercise
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Self-Sabotage and Fear of Success have killed far too many serious diet and exercise plans. Everyone I know has a little bit of self-sabotage. I know I sure as hell do. The key is to recognize it and fight through it. One bad day of eating should not derail your program. A few days of no exercise must not shut you down.

Many people fear succeeding. Imagine that! Again, I have a bit of this myself. As if I haven’t busted my ass waking up at 2am for over 20 years! Again, you must stay on your mark and not become overwhlemed or demoralized. You are your own captain.

It comes back to discipline. Stay strong.